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Both Afghan leaders made final agreement on cabinet

Finally, Afghan National Unity Government leaders made a compromise to share the power equally, Officials said. President’s Spokesman, Nazifullah Salarzai confirmed the report during a phone call with Ariana News and said,” A complete compromise has been made on the new cabinet.” He concluded the agreement being made are as …

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Power sharing deal agreed for new cabinet

Finally, Afghan National Unity Government leaders made a compromise to divide 24 ministries equally. A member of the National Unity Government speaking on the condition of anonymity with Ariana News said,” They have shared the power equally based on 50-50 percent deal.” President Ghani will introduce the members for key …

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Afghanistan to Access lots of goods with low costs: MoIC

Officials in Ministry of Commerce and industry have urged that by implementing the TIR policy Afghanistan will have access to a lot of international goods with low costs. Afghan business men have welcomed that new policy for exchanging of the goods from Afghanistan to International countries. “Transports Internationaux Routiers” or …

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Explosion rocks a mosque in Nangahar

A bomb blew up inside a mosque that was controlled from an undisclosed location in Khogyani Kaja district of Nangahar province, eyewitnesses reported. Residents reported hearing a loud bang at around 1:30 PM on Friday prayers. The Chief district had no further information about the casualties. A security source on condition of anonymity told to …

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Suicide bombers attack on Bastion Camp still underway

A group of armed Taliban staged attack late Thursday night on a military base formerly housing British troops in southern Helmand province. Spokesman of Helmand governor, Omar Zowak said that at least three Afghanistan National Army (ANA) soldiers were wounded in the conflict but killed four of the suicide bombers. …

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UK foreign secretary offers condolences to victims’ families of suicide attack on British vehicle

The UK foreign secretary, Phillip Hammond has started offering his condolences to victim’s families of Kabul suicide attack on British embassy vehicle on Thursday. He made an appeal for prayer for those who lost their lives in yesterday’s suicide attack. “We condemn this appalling ­attack on innocent civilians ­supporting our diplomatic …

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