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MPs Want US Fulfill BSA Commitments

Wolesi Jirga wants the United States and NATO to fulfill their commitments they made under Bilateral Security Agreement signed recently between Kabul and Washington. The MPs on Monday’s session expressed their concerns regarding Pakistan’s continued missile attacks into eastern borders of Afghanistan, demanding the U.S. to intervene and put pressure …

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Armed Assailants Storm Kundoz Attorney Office

According to security sources, three armed suicide bombers have stormed the building of Attorney General’s provincial office in northern Kundoz province. The incident took place Monday afternoon after three assailants wearing Afghan National Army (ANA) uniform attacked the office, Kundoz Police spokesman Sayed Sarwar Hussaini confirmed. The first suicide bomber …

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Government Must Issue Electronic ID Cards: MPs

The members of Wolesi Jirga believe the Population Census Act is almost finalized and the government should take necessary actions to issue electronic ID cards for organizing a better parliamentary election. On Sunday’s session, the lawmakers declared that Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC) was the only solution to the electoral …

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