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NATO Vice-Commander Stresses on Targeting Taliban Financial Resources

The deputy air commander of NATO’s Resolute Support mission says the Taliban’s financial resources will be targeted wherever they are located in Afghanistan. “Before the recent ceasefire begin, our operations have destroyed 154 Taliban targets. The Afghan air force also participated by conducting 19 strikes against Taliban revenue targets with …

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Parliament Session Disrupted After MPs Engaged in Physical Fight

The Afghan lower house of parliament session on Wednesday ended without any result after some parliamentarians verbally and physically attacked Abdul Latif Pedram, a member of parliament representing Badakhshan province. The confrontation erupted after MP Pedram criticized the government for dividing Ghazni province into three electoral constituencies, saying the government …

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Ghani Thanks Taliban Leadership for Ceasefire

President Ashraf Ghani praised Taliban leadership for a three-day ceasefire during the Eid days, saying the Afghan government is ready to start direct talks with the group. Ghani in a meeting with religious scholars at the Presidential Palace emphasized on the role of religious scholars Fatwa which eased the decision …

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