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Australia Proud to Work With Afghanistan, Continues Support: PM Turnbull

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2017)

CaptureAustralian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has called President Ghani’s visit from Canberra a “historic” opportunity to discuss over security and development cooperation.

“This historic visit underscored the growing partnership between our nations and has been a valuable opportunity to discuss our ongoing security and development cooperation,” said Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull said.

Turnbull said his country will continue military and none-military cooperation with Afghanistan.

“As part of the international coalition, we are continuing our commitment to Afghanistan with ADF personnel currently deployed to support the NATO-led Train, Advise and Assist Resolute Support mission. This includes annual support for Afghanistan’s National Security and Defence Forces (ANSDF),” Turnbull said.

He also noted about Australia’s cooperation in fighting against corruption and creating opportunities of Afghan women.

“Under this Partnership, we agreed to establish new areas of cooperation, including an economic infrastructure advisory facility to scope and develop critical economic infrastructure in partnership with international development banks. We also agreed a range of measures to empower women and girls, improve agricultural productivity and the management of water, train Afghan civil servants and support anti-corruption initiatives,” Turnbull added.

In the meantime, President Ghani has paid tribute to the 42 Australians who paid the ultimate sacrifice and thanked the 18, 500 Australians who served with enormous dignity, honour and courage in his country.

“Australia’s unique among our partners because it’s defined the problem of terrorism and its defence strategy as a 20-year challenge, that medium-term perspective is enormously important so that we understand, coordinate and focus,” President Ghani said.

Ghani also pointed at the insecure situation of Urozgan province that the Australian forces were deployed there and the ongoing challenges.

“Well the first issue is that there were reversals in Uruzgan. Uruzgan is not going to be lost. We’re determined. The arrangements for the reverse came because of corruption and mismanagement,” President Ghani added.

42 Australians soldiers died in Afghanistan and much of their effort went into operations in the Uruzgan province.

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