Auditing process to resume on Saturday

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2014)

Nuristani_in_December_2009-croppedThe audit process of votes will resume by the independent election commission (IEC) on Saturday.
Head of IEC in a press conference with United Nations special envoy for Afghanistan said that the process has been approved in long discussions with the 2 presidential contenders and the UN.
United Nations special envoy for Afghanistan, Yan Kubish stressed that the auditing process is the final way and the 2 candidates should respect that.
Yan Kubish warned that the delay in auditing process of votes is not in interest of Afghanistan.
“There are enough international observers and we will not have any problem with auditing process” Kubish added.
The electoral commission emphasized that the auditing process will begin on Saturday with 200 teams in 2 shift times.

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