Attorney General Voices Concern over Crimes Committed by Police

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2017)

imagesAfghanistan Attorney General expressed concern over serious crimes committed by Police, saying a number of Afghan Police forces are still committing crimes in the country.

After U.N. Committee against Torture accused the police chief of Afghanistan’s Kandahar province, General Abdul Raziq over allegations of torture and enforced disappearances, the Attorney General confirmed the existence of infringement and violation of law by Police in the country.

Deputy of General Attorney, Fatah Azizi said, “some of police officers are the main suspects of crimes. Not only, they failed to reduce the crimes but also committed those crimes.”

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC) calls the existence of crimes and torture in these conditions unacceptable.

Chairman of IHRC,  Sima Sammar said, “torture is not permissible under any circumstances and is contrary to the human rights law.”

Beating, especially with rubber hoses, electric cables or wires or wooden sticks and most frequently on the soles of the feet, and suspension, being hung from bars or chains for lengthy periods are the main items that IHRC pointed at among the crimes.

However, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) says the military law of the country requires a review and evaluation.

Minister of Interior, Taj Muhammad Jahed said, “some of the military laws need to be changed.”

MoI has assigned a delegation for investigating the UN torture committee’s claim regarding Kandahar’s security commander.

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