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Attack on AUAF left 13 dead, 37 wounded

(Last Updated On: August 27, 2016)


At least 13 people including 7 students were killed, and 37 others were wounded after a group of terrorists launched a coordinated attack on American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) on Wednesday.

A group of suicide attackers have stormed into the American University of Afghanistan located at the Darlaman Road west of Kabul city early this evening. According to a Taxi driver on the scene, the attack began with the detonation of a car full of explosive materials at the AUAF entrance gate.

The American University of Afghanistan was targeted by a group of attackers early this evening at 7:15 PM.

Eyewitnesses have stated that scores of armed men entered the University.

Security forces have arrived on the scene and blocked off all the primary roads to the University.Ariana News reporter Aslam Hejaab who is on the scene, said that nine college students were injured so far.

According to one of the students who was injured in the attack, dozens of students were trapped within their classrooms.

Security officials who are on the scene have begun clearance operations inside the American University of Afghanistan.Security officials have cut the electricity to AUAF and closed buildings in order to launch operations.

No information has been released to the media regarding the estimated number of causalities.

Ariana News reporter Aslam Hejaab stated that one student has passed away after hearing bomb noise.He also added that no reporters are allowed to film the scene.

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