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Atta Noor Accuses Government of Inefficiency, Dictatorship

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2017)

Criticizing the national unity government, Atta Mohammad Noor, the governor of Balkh province on Sunday called the government recent move against protesters in Kabul as a dictatorship and accused the security institutions of inefficiency.

Governor Noor accused President Ghani’s administration of incompetency and said,” If someone likes or dislikes, reforms is a must in the government system”.

Signing secret contracts, corruption, injustice, embezzlement in the security sector and government harsh move against protesters in Kabul were the main accusations he made against the government which he is part of it.

He stated,” people cannot tolerate incompetency, corruption, bribe and killing of their sons anymore.”

Last month, following a deadly bombing in Kabul, hundreds of Afghans staged a demonstration demanding the resignation of the NUG leaders, but the protest turned violent and at least seven protesters killed in shooting by governmental forces.

The Jamiat-e-Islami political party demanded dismissal of top security officials including the National Security Advisor Hanif Atmar, but the presidential palace defied.

Now, Noor who is also the Chief Executive of Jamiat party warns of widespread civil moves against the government if the government refuse to meet what he calls people’s demands.

“We don’t want collapse of the system, we don’t want dismissal of all members of the so-called National Unity Government, we want government to improve the capability and capacity of Afghan army, police and intelligence agencies by appointing patriots in these positions,” he emphasized.

By Hesamuddin Hesam

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