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Atta Muhammad Noor Attacks CE Abdullah

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2017)

Atta Muhammad Noor has labeled Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah a “betrayer” and called him a ‘snake up in own sleeve’.

During a gathering in Balkh province, Mr. Noor reminded the 2014 presidential election and said supporting CE Abdullah was the biggest mistake of his life.

Noor noted that Abdullah Abdullah has even betrayed the Jihadi commanders in the past and the family of Ahmad Shah Masoud.

However, CE Abdullah has not reacted about the removal of Atta Muhammad Noor from governor position so far.

Mr. Noor said the fate of his resignation belongs to the decision of the Jamiat party and Salahuddin Rabani the acting foreign minister.

He also warned that no one can remove him, get his power and stressed he will continue his duties as governor of Balkh.

Noor emphasized that if the government does not accept the Jamiat’s conditions, he will remain in his position as governor.

This comes as the Presidential Palace has rejected the Jamiat party’s condition over reviewing the decision about his resignation.

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