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ATN Celebrates 10th Anniversary

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2014)


Ariana Television Network, now branch of the Bayat Media Center, is recognizing its tenth anniversary of its broadcasting activities in Afghanistan and the world.

Ariana Radio and Television Network—ATN—was founded ten years ago by Engineer Ehsanullah Bayat and began its political, cultural, economic and religious programs.

It has also broadcasting activities for Asia, Europe and America initially began through the Hot Bird satellite and became Afghanistan’s first global TV.

ATN made a great development after it created another channel by the name of Ariana News which is now being viewed and liked throughout Afghanistan.

Furthermore, ATN also launched its local channels in northern, western and eastern zones of the country which is another great accomplishment by ATN.

Senator Ehsanullah Bayat, known for his humanitarian aid throughout the country, planned in 2009 to further develop country’s media sector, establishment of the largest media center in Afghanistan named as “Bayat Media Center.”

After four years of day night works by Afghan engineers, the modern and equipped Bayat Media Center was inaugurated by President Hamid Karzai at the beginning of year 2014.

President Hamid Karzai in his inaugural speech appreciated the great accomplishment for the progress of media and freedom of expression.

The Bayat Media Center is now the largest media center in Afghanistan comprised of Ariana Television, Ariana News, Radio Ariana FM and Radio Ariana News.


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