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Atmar Warns Terror Groups Based in Pakistan Threatening Afghanistan, Region

(Last Updated On: March 06, 2017 4:05 pm)

AtmarAfghan National Security Advisor, Muhammad Hanif Atmar has warned that terrorist groups based in Pakistan are threatening Afghanistan and other countries in the region.

During the 19th Asian Security Conference, Atmar said “We share the region with Pakistan, which has the highest concentration of terrorists anywhere.”

Atmar calls for eradication of terrorist safe havens in Pakistan.

He condemned the recent attacks in Pakistan that killed many people and declared that there is no distinction between good and bad terrorist.

He also warned that terrorism is expanding in Afghanistan and Pakistan despite international investment in counter-terrorism.

National security adviser considered Laskar-e Taiba as enmey and hoped that Pakistan will never allow safe havens to them.

“Success against terrorist in Afghanistan is important for security of the region,” he said.

Atmar said Afghanistan and Pakistan do not have a common strategy to defeat the common enemy.

“We are no longer talking of a lone group. There is a symbiotic relation between the economics & geopolitics of the region,” he said.

He asked both countries to act on each other’s lists and have a third party to verify it.

“There is a symbiotic access of three critical actors, violent extremists, criminal ecology and state sponsor,” he said.

“Drug industry and criminal economy produces such economy that they can finance state and non state actors,” he added.

The national security adviser further added that the regional countries respond against terrorism is not enough and currently around 40 to 45 thousand terrorist fighters are activating in Afghanistan.

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