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At Night Family Celebrates Birthday, Next Morning Buries Children

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2019)

The family members and relatives of the victims who lost their lives in a car bomb in Kabul on Wednesday, blame the government for its failure to provide security for its citizens.

A day after the release of the Taliban’s top prisoners, a car bomb in Kabul claimed at least 12 lives including children. More than 20 others including four foreign nationals, were wounded in the vehicle-based IED attack.

Seven-year-old Hadis and twelve-year-old Dunya, brother and sister, were killed in the terrorist attack. Hours before Hadis was murdered in the attack, his father had organized his birthday celebration, without knowing that his daughter and son will never return back home.

On Thursday, Saboor Samadi, the father of the two children, sat speechless at the corner of a mosque in Kabul. Samadi attended his children’s funeral ceremony, but was still too grief stricken to participate in their burial.

Shafiq, the uncle of the two children, told Ariana News that the government failed to prevent such tragedies and is not accountable to people.

“Before their martyrdom, they celebrated his birthday. In the morning, Hadis was telling his mother that he doesn’t want to go to school, but his mother asked him to attend the school without knowing what will happen to them,” Shafiq said.

A picture from the mother of the two children also went viral on social media.

“The health condition of their family who have lost their dearest ones is very critical. Their father couldn’t attend at their burial ceremony. Another child of the family is in coma. Their mother was sitting between their coffins,” said Talwar, a close relative of the deceased children.

Another child Mustafa, was also killed by the IED attack.

“He [Mustafa], was very interested to learn technical systems. He was always dreaming to fix something at home, but he took all his wishes to grave,” said Shuaib Habibzada, the uncle of Mustafa.

Afghan children, who deserve to live a normal and peaceful life like other children in the world, are too often victims of  the nation’s ongoing war.

“I’m calling on people to mobilize and bring changes to their fate,” said Qubad Rangbar, a relative of the deceased children.

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