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Assessment of Kandahar’s Aino Mina Township Not A Political Issue: Naderi

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2017)

The assessment of Aino Mina Township in southern Kandahar province has been launched since 18 months and the issue is not political, Nader Naderi, Head of Independent Administrative Reforms and Civil Services Commission has said.

Speaking during a special interview with Ariana News, Naderi said: “Aino Mina is among the townships which is being assessed in last year and a half, and the assessments were being made with no political tensions.”

This comes as earlier, the Attorney General’s Office has said that a delegation has been dispatched to conduct an assessment from a technical and legal perspective, into Aino Mina Township in Kandahar, following a presidential decree.

The Aino Mina township has been built by Former President Hamid Karzai’s brother Mahmud Karzai. 

Mahmud Karzai has said that the township has no legal issue and the issue shouldn’t be politicized.

The township is considered as leading example of reconstruction and development in Kandahar province. Its construction work has begun about a decade ago and millions of dollars, it said to be spent on the project.

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