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Around 165 Development Projects Failed in Last Year: MoE

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2017)

ECO 30__03__2017__DARI__SOT.mpg_snapshot_00.01_[2017.03.30_18.07.22]Afghanistan Ministry of Economic (MoE) says nearly 165 development projects failed to implement in the previous solar year.

Officials in MoE have declared that the projects failed due to insecurity,  corruption, lack of needed capacity problems.

“165 projects have failed due to insecurity, corruption and lack of capacity and needed documents,” said Suhrab Bahman, spokesman of MoE.

Meanwhile, economic analysts call the poor management and leadership the other problems in implementation of projects and urged the government to avoid corruption and technical problems in implementation of projects.

“There is no national will for national interest in the Afghan government. The government divided to many parts,” said Shabir Bashiri, economic analyst.

Exorbitant money has been spent for the implementation of development projects in the country in the previous years, but the projects failed due to lack of monitoring programs or implemented with a poor quality.

By Lida Neyazi

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