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Army Chief of Staff Warns Another Long-War Against Taliban

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2016)


The Afghan Army Chief of Staff, Qadam Shah Shahim, has called on Afghan Security Forces to be ready for another long war against the Taliban group and other insurgent groups.

Praising the security forces’ efforts, The Army Chief of Staff called the Afghan troops the only hope for elimination of terror groups, saying the Afghan Special Forces have weakened insurgent groups in the battlefields.

“Terrorists are thinking about the continuation of war. We fight until they do not regret war and their foreign supporters do not interfere in Afghanistan affairs,” said Afghan Army Chief of Staff, Qadam Shah Shahim.

Shahim stated the Taliban’s failure in its ‘Omari’ operation, Daesh’s defeat in eastern parts of Afghanistan and suppress of Taliban fighters in the red fronts war as the great achievements and records of Afghan forces in the past two years.

“The aims of terrorists were land occupation and transition of Quetta, Peshawar, Miranshah and other councils to Afghanistan, but they have failed,” Shahim added.

Previously, General Lloyd Austin III, the former commander of U.S. Central Command, said Afghanistan has made tremendous progress over the years, and it remains a “very, very worthy” security investment.

the Afghan Security Forces consist of 325,000 Afghans “And those forces are taking the fight to the enemy and they are providing for the security of the country,” Austin said.

Afghan conventional forces have proved to be highly capable fighters that routinely conduct combined arms operations with little to no coalition assistance.

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