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Armed robberies rising – Kabul

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2020)

Increased criminal activities in Kabul have made more than 500 casualties recently, the MPs underline that the police have been failed in the security measures.

The criminal activities in Kabul have been increased excessively. The situation has almost gone out of police control. Reports indicate the number of victims 10 per day at least.

“I have witnessed families selling their properties and relocating to safer parts,” says MP Abdul Qayum Khairkhah, member of the Internal Security Commission.

“In the last month, more than 500 people killed by armed robbers in Kabul and yet, the police make ineffective symbolic movements,” says Senator Zalmay Zabuli.

Moreover, some district chiefs say that people living on byroads have sold their houses due to high risks of armed robbery.

“We cannot stand these armed robbers anymore. There is no such day on which we do not hear about a new crime taking place” says Razaq, a district chief.

Kabul citizens say they cannot peacefully go out early morning and in the evening.

Meanwhile, officials in the Ministry of Interior Affairs underline that they are developing new methods to strengthen security measures against crimes. 

In a recent incident, a young student at the American University of Afghanistan was robbed and killed in PD^13, Kabul.

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