Armed Oppositions Control 70 Percent of Afghan Territory – Claims Mohaqiq

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2018)

Mohammad Mohaqiq, the Second Deputy to Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah claims that armed oppositions of the government are controlling 70 percent of the territory in Afghanistan, insisting that the issue has questioned the possibility of having a nationwide election.

Mohaqiq made the remarks in an online statement released on Friday, in which he also claimed that the “Taliban’s war in Hazarajat regions” was being triggered by pro-government Taliban and with provocation of “governmental intelligence”.

He, meanwhile, warned that if the government fails to prevent the Taliban attacks against Hazara ethnic group particularly in Jaghori district of Ghazni province, the country would face a destructive civil war among its ethnic groups.

“What makes the issue complicated, is the warning and preparation of the Taliban to attack on Jaghori and some other Hazarajat districts – which is a new issue in the past 18 years – as Taliban put aside the government and directly declare war on a particular ethnic group; while the Taliban’s approach was different in the past and their slogan had been against the foreign forces and the government”.

Rejecting the Second Deputy of Chief Executive’s remarks, the President’s Spokesman Haroon Chakhansoori said that Mohaqiq’s claims are “baseless and far from truth.” He stressed that the official should prove his claims and do not target national interests for the sake of his personnel interests.

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