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6 Killed in RTA TV Attack in Jalal Abad

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2017)

18581904_860178454130712_8618608316455689378_nFour Daesh rebels attacked a  national TV building in eastern Jalal Abad city of Nangarhar province on Wednesday, killing six people including two police officers.

The Afghan security forces have eliminated all four terrorists and ended a three-hour siege in TV station.

The governor of Nangarhar, Gulab Mangal in a press conference said, “among the dead were four RTA employees, including a driver, a guard, and two technical personnel.”

Seventeen civilians and seven members of the security forces were wounded, he added.

The Afghan Journalists Safety Committee condemned the attack and said it was a violation of the rules of war that protect media as civilians.

Wednesday’s attack underscores the growing dangers faced by news-media workers in Afghanistan as the security situation worsens.

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