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Ariana television signs deal to air MMA contests

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(Last Updated On: November 12, 2020)

Ariana television clinched the broadcasting rights on Thursday in Kabul for the Hosharafu Fighting Championships (HFC) Mixed Martial Arts Organization and promoter of Pro-Fights.

The MMA competition, which will soon be launched in Kabul, will be broadcast live every two months on Ariana television.

“This time we decided to sign an agreement with the HFC so that we promote figures who are working hard at local and provincial levels in the MMA sport,” said head of Ariana television, Khushal Asefi.

MMA fighters will take part in these contests after advancing through at least three earlier stages of tournaments.

One of the key goals of the contests is to improve the skills of fighters and to encourage the youth to also take up mixed martial arts as a sport.

The HFC MMA organization, which is affiliated to the International Hosharafu Federation, has meanwhile appointed Nasrat Akhondzada as the Official Representative of HFC International Organization in Afghanistan.

Akhondzada is authorized to organize HFC events. The international body said: “We wish him and his team all the best in promoting Mixed Martial Arts in his country.”


Woman accuses Pakistan’s cricket captain of sexual, physical assault

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(Last Updated On: November 29, 2020)

A Lahore-based woman has accused Pakistan cricket captain Babar Azam of sexual and physical assault, and said he had also threatened to kill her.

Addressing a press conference on Saturday, the unidentified woman said that the two used to live together and went to the same school.

“I and Babar [Azam] grew up in the same society, we used to stay together and we were school friends. In 2010, he proposed to me at my place and I accepted it”, she said.

The woman also accused Azam of physically abusing her and threatening to kill her.

She said because Azam was from a poor family, she took care of his financial expenses in the early part of his career.

Neither the Pakistan Cricket Board nor Azam have responded to the allegations.

However, the Pakistan cricket team is under a 14-day quarantine in New Zealand ahead of their upcoming series.

But so far, seven of the team’s cricketers have tested positive for COVID-19. The names of the cricketers who have contracted the virus have not been revealed.

Pakistan, is expected to play three T20Is and two Test matches against New Zealand from December 18.

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Afghan migrant makes waves despite being born without arms

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(Last Updated On: November 27, 2020)

Abbas Karimi, a 23-year-old Afghan refugee born without arms is showing the world that determination and perseverance does pay off as he proudly prepares for next year’s Paralympic swimming events in Tokyo.

Speaking to 7News Miami, Karimi described his arduous journey growing up disabled in war-torn Afghanistan, through to being a migrant that fled overland until being settled in the US under the United Nations’ refugee program.

Despite having no arms, Karimi is a swimmer and trains with his coach and mentor Marty Hendrick in Fort Lauderdale six days a week.

Karimi said: “My father used to say, ‘God took your arms from you, but instead, he gives you the talent and skill in your legs and your feet.’”

“Everything was very challenging to do with my feet and learn everything,” Karimi told 7News Miami.

Karimi said his journey to get to this place in his life – as a swimmer training for the 2021 Paralympic games in Japan – has been filled with pain and perseverance.

A victim of bullying back home in Afghanistan, he said he did find something that soothed him – swimming – but eventually, he made the difficult decision to leave home.

“It’s tough to leave your family, your father, your mother at the very young age of 16, but I wanted to get out of that world.”

He first went to Iran before his brother helped smuggle him across the border into neighboring Turkey.

Abbas lived in Turkey as a refugee before being settled in the United States under the United Nations’ refugee program.

Once in the US he first lived and trained in Portland, but moved earlier this year to South Florida where he lives and trains with Hendrick.

“It feels right to be here because I found the right coach,” he said.

Hendrick in turn says he is extremely proud of Karimi and that he trains really hard.

“I feel completely blessed that I have this kid at home,” Hendrick said.

Karimi and Hendrick will travel next summer to Tokyo for the 2021 Paralympic Games, where the swimmer is set to compete in several events.

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Pakistan invites Afghan cricket team on official tour

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(Last Updated On: November 25, 2020)

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has invited Afghanistan’s national cricket team on an official tour for the first time, officials said Tuesday.

This historic move follows the recent visit to Kabul by Prime Minister Imran Khan – one of the game’s greatest players.

“We’ll try to look for a possible window for this tour – and if not 2021, we’ll definitely try to plan a series in 2022 season,” said PCB chief executive Wasim Khan.

“A cricket series between Pakistan and Afghanistan could be a harbinger of love and peace between the two countries,” he told AFP.

An Afghan national side toured Pakistan in May 2011 but they only played a second-string side and matches were not given first-class status.

The two countries have played only a single official one-day match and one Twenty20 international – both in the United Arab Emirates.

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