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ARG says issues over “Electoral Reforms” between the NUG leaders has been resolved

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2015)

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Presidential Spokesman Ajmal Obaid Abedy says disagreements between President Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah over the special commission for electoral reforms has been resolved.

Abedy in an interview with Ariana News declared that currently there is no difference over this issue, but denies to provide information on when the commission is going to start performing their responsibilities and it seems the conflicts are still existed.

Afghan government is committed to bring fundamental electoral reforms in electoral system and we are promising to fulfill our commitments,” Abedy said.

He has also said that “different views existed between the President and the CEO, but now they are resolved.”

President Ghani issued a decree tasking a special commission to bring reforms in electoral law and electoral systems before the unity leaders make their first visit to the US.

Disagreements rose over MP Shukria Barakzai appointment as the head of the commission, because she was one of the closest allies of President Ghani during presidential campaigns.

Gul Ahmad Madadzay a member of the commission said,” we are ready to start our job, the government should pave the way for us and according to the political agreement the Chief Executive Office must take action in this regard”.

Electoral experts insisting on dismissal of the current commissioners in IEC and IECC before going to another election.

Fazel Ahmad Manawi who was Ex-Chief of Independent Election Commission said,” As we see the disagreements over the current members of the commissions it is impossible to held another election without dismissal of a number of the commissioners”.

Earlier Chief Executive Office announced that the special commission is formed without this office agreement and against the articles of the political power-sharing agreement.

It seems that apparently the only difference over the special commission between the NUG leaders is over Shukria Barakzai appointment as the head of the commission.

Reported by: Nasrat Parsa

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