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Arabs hunt rare birds in Farah

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2015)


A number of Arab citizens with their trained birds had arrived in Farah province of Afghanistan to hunt rare birds.

A local official in Farah province said that the Arab citizens have received permission for hunting rare birds by the ministry of interior affairs and Afghanistan presidential.

The birds had been seized from Arabs in Farah province, where reports on such trafficking from Afghanistan suggest there is high demand for birds of prey and other exotic animals among the very wealthy.

Last year alone, some 5,000 wild birds were smuggled out of western Herat province of Afghanistan, according to the head of the country’s Environmental Protection Agency, Mustafa Zahir. Falcons, hawks, and geese are said to be among the smugglers’ favorites.

Afghan officials said that the NGO plans to launch a bird-breeding program in the near future for release into the wild.

Decades of near-constant conflict in Afghanistan has held dire consequences for its wildlife. The plight of millions of internally displaced persons, drought, and deforestation have contributed to the endangerment of Afghanistan’s wildlife.

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