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Appointments in Security Sector More of Ceremonial: Analysts

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2017)

Analysts say the appointments in security institutions are more of ceremonial, referring to the position of the state minister for reforms in security sector, Amrullah Saleh in particular.

A source on condition of anonymity told Ariana News that the appointments in security sector are not taking place in consultation with Saleh and the state minister only receives the list after the appointments.

“This position is more of ceremonial and just to satisfy him but Amrullah Saleh soon will react on the issue,” said political analyst, Javid Kohistani.

“It will be effective if the President consults with Amrullah Saleh, Interior and Defense ministers and National Security Council in the appointments of qualified people, but if only one person takes the decisions then assessments will be not accurate,” University Professor, Miagul Khalid.

However, a Parliament Member, Raihan Azad said that the President has always acted singly in the appointment process which is a challenge for the Afghan people.

Following the matter, Amrullah Saleh in a Facebook has said that he is going to answer all the questions related to his position and stressed that reticency was never been  an option for him and will not be. 

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