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ANSF sell own truck fuel at black market in Nangarhar

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2016)


Documents which has is accessed by Ariana News indicating that Afghan security forces sell own truck fuel at black market in a hidden place in Nangarhar province, a word which has been rejected by the fourth infantry brigade of ANA officials.

There is some Plate numbers of the vehicles, military oil barrels, bullet boxes, and a car which has been stolen are seen in the image.

Nangarhar provincial council member Jawed Zaman has confirmed that Afghan security forces from Police and ANA are coming to this house and sell their own Truck’s  fuel with low prices.

One of the civil society activists Mohammad Laiq said,” Rangers from Afghan National Army are coming to this location and drain the fuel and then Riksha or Auto is taking the fuel out to the markets.”

Nangarhar police Chief Hazrat Hussien Mashriqwal has confirmed the issue but avoid giving more details on the aspect, saying investigation began to find more details.

Following the case one person has been detained, saying Afghan security forces do bring their police equipment and fuel in this house.

Suspect Hekmatullah said,” Rangers are coming here and my brother used to go inside and I have no idea what they do inside.”

Earlier there has been some complains which were made on selling of fuels by the Afghanistan security forces within the markets, but this time Ariana News could access some images documented their illegal acts.

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