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ANSF Capable to defeat Enemies :MoI

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2015)


Officials in Ministry of Interior Affairs have said,” Afghanistan National Security Forces ANSF are capable to defeat the enemies and defend the Afghansitan teritory the following statements has just made that Taliban in their social media pages warned Afghan Government that they will begin their spring terrorists activities in 24 April 2015.

However lawmakers at the lower house of the parliament have said,” Armed enemies have accelarated their activities comparing to last years,they have warned the ANSF if they don’t stop the amred activities of the enemies several provinces in North and North east will fall into Taliban hands.”

Safiullah Muslim the MP said,” Taliban have fully focused on North and Northeast part of the country, if the Afghan National Security forces don’t react we will see several provinces under the Taliban control.”

MoI spokesman Sediq Sediqee told to Ariana News we will launch new military operations for the current spring season, for the time being we have a military operation ongoing in Helmand , soon we will begin other operation in Ghazni, and our ongoing operation in Badakshan will continue.

Officails in Ministry of Interior Affairs claimed that the new chapter of military operation which will be launched against the enemies of Afghanistan will be a hard responds to them, and it will also narrow down their activities in several provinces.

They have asked the Nation to be cooperative with their forces in order prevent the armed activities of the enemies.

Reported by Nimatullah Ahmadi

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