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ANP Accused of Cooperation with Criminals: Ulomi

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2015)


Afghan police is accused of cooperation with criminals in heavy crimes, a senior Afghan official said on Wednesday.

“There are many complaints against Afghan police, accusations like misusing job authorities, corruption, dereliction of duty, human rights violations, cooperation with criminals and participation in heavy crimes,” Noorulhaq Ulomi minister of interior said.

Experts say police must not side any political group; they must stabilize the country without any backing any party and group.

“We have to enrich the mind of police, enough time must be allocated for their training, police is political, our police does not have access to technology, but terrorists does,” Mirza Ahmad Yarmand head of the legal and technological reforms commission said.

The minister of interior wants to bring the following changes and reforms in police ranks through the legal and technological reforms commission: To reform the national police law, to standardize police trainings and expand police training centers, revision of the traffic law and modernizing the traffic system, providing electronic and technological relations for police operations, capacity building for radio office and modernizing the technological capacities.

Another member of the commission believes that Afghan National Police have lost opportunities during the imposed war.

“Police is involved in a war which is imposed on us, war is not the job of police, police is working to bring civil order in the society, police must become expert if our police was expert Kabul Bank scandal was not happened,” Abdul Hadi Khalid, senior advisor of the legal and technological reforms commission declared.

MoI officials also stated that the European Union and the United States have pledged to provide modern devices for Afghan police which will help the police to identify the criminals easily.


Reported by: Farahnaz Froton

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