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Annul or Review of BSA will Have Harmful Consequences: Analysts

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2018)

Afghan analysts say the review or cancelation of Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between the U.S. and Afghanistan will have harmful consequences for the country.

In the wake of the deteriorated security situation and a sharp increase in fatalities among security forces in a number of provinces, some Afghan parliament members have called for a review of the BSA with the U.S., insisting that the agreement had been proved ineffective in the fight against insurgency.

The MPs have stressed that the government would be able to pay the cost of its military forces and ensure the stability and security in the country without the presence of foreign forces led by the American troops.

However, some political and military analysts say the move to revoke or review BSA will have harmful consequences for the country.

“A new government should decide on BSA, currently, we neither have the time nor have the facility to review or revoke the security agreement, both scenarios will be harmful to our people,” said a political analyst and former military officer Jawid Kohistani,

The BSA was signed by former Afghan national security adviser Mohammad Haneef Atmar in 2014. The agreement allows for some foreign special forces to stay in Afghanistan to conduct counter-terror operations and others to support and train Afghan military forces.

In accordance with the BSA, the U.S. also pays the salaries of the Afghan National Defense and Security Force members.

“The U.S. pays the cost of our armed forces, there is no alternative without this,” said a political analyst Ahmad Sayeedi.

This comes as currently more than 10,000 American troops in Afghanistan and are mainly engaged in training and advising the Afghan forces alongside thousands of NATO forces in the country.  

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