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Angry Residents Demand Closure of Green Village

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2019)

Dozens of Kabul residents staged a protest on Tuesday, demanding the closure of Green Village – a compound for foreign workers and international organizations which was targeted by a tractor bomb last night in Kabul.

The bombing which was claimed by the Taliban insurgent group killed at least 16 people and injured 119 others, mostly Afghan civilians.

The compound has been targeted by the Taliban insurgent group several times, leaving casualties and destruction to nearby civilian houses.

Today, angry protesters set fire to a number of vehicles belonging to the fortified compound and demanded that the foreigners leave.

 “We don’t want this camp here. We want the camp to be shut down,” a protester told Ariana News reporter.

“We are suffering due to the existence of this camp. We will not let them here anymore,” another protester said.

Later on, the protest turned violent and protesters engaged in physical clashes with police forces. Sporadic gunfire could be heard as the police battled demonstrators.

Protesters did not allow firefighters to stop the fire until Tuesday noon.

“We stopped the fire last night but the fire broke out after the demonstrators engaged in violence,” said General Arif, the Head of Kabul Fire Department.

On the other hand, the bombing has changed the area to ruins and completely destroyed many houses and a fuel pump.

“Eight members of my family were inside the house when the bombing took place. Five members were injured and you can see the destruction with your eyes,” Abdul Saboor, a victim of the incident said.

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