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Analysts Insist on Gov’t’s Eminent Position in NATO summits

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2018)

A number of Afghan analyst say the government should have a good understanding of the past NATO summits and showcases its credibility in the next conferences.

“The NATO summit opens up opportunities for Afghanistan, which the government can gain credibility in domestic and international levels, as well as in the international system,” Barna Salehi, international relations analyst said.

A number of other analysts are said to believe that some circles in the government are trying to prevent peace in the country.

They stressed that the government must make further efforts to have the international community’s commitments against fighting terrorism.

“At first, Pakistan should be pressed more. The Afghan government should fundamentally provide fields for peace,” Akbar Jan Folad, military analyst added.

This comes as NATO announced support for President Ashraf Ghani’s offer of peace talks to the Taliban.

In a statement Friday, NATO foreign ministers said the 29 allies “are united in their support for this proposal,” and that they would respect a political settlement that ends violence.

Ghani has offered the Taliban unconditional peace talks accompanied by a cease-fire, recognition of them as a political party and the release of some prisoners, among other incentives.

NATO is also open to talks between Kabul and the Taliban on the future role of the international community in the country. The Taliban have insisted that international troops must leave.

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