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Analysts: Afghanistan’s open-ties with region can have great achievements

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2015)

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Afghan political analysts declared that expanding relations with regional countries can have great achievements in terms of security, economic and politics.

Emphasizing on full achievements in President Ghani’s trip to Kazakhstan, analysts said that the Afghan government must have a good use from such positions.

Fighting corruption, good governance and security issues are the spotlights of President Ghani’s talks with his Kazakh counterpart.

Analysts are said to consider President’s trip to Kazakhstan a great opportunity for attracting Kazakhstan’s cooperation in terms of security.

“Kazakhstan can help Afghanistan in terms of security, particularly in equipping Afghan forces,” said Nasratullah Istanikzai, teacher of university.

“Kazakhstan is a country with facilities that can provide necessary assistance in security issues, especially in fight against terrorist groups, ” said Latif Nazari, teacher of university.

In his two-day visit, President Ghani is expected to meet with his Kazakh counterpart Nur Sultan Nazarbayev, Prime Minister Karim Qajymqan Massimov and other high ranking officials.


Reported by Ali Asghari




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