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ANA to tackle fiercely any Taliban activities in new season: MOD

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2015)

Ministry of Defense says Afghan National Army (ANA) is well prepared to suppress any insurgency by Taliban groups during the spring season.

General Habibullah Hessari, Chief of Kabul Military Training Center (KMTC)
Kabul Military Training Center (KMTC) is daily training and preparing new ANA officers and soldiers to join the combat operations against Taliban insurgents.

General Habibullah Hessari, Chief of KMTC said,” We are fully prepared to suppress those who try to destabilize the country during spring season, graduating fresh officers is a part of ANA readiness programs”.

Taliban armed militants are widening their operations against Afghan security forces at the end of every winter, they plan coordinated group attacks beside suicide attacks, planting mines, ambushes and other types of terrorist attacks.

Now Afghan security forces have gained enough experience of Taliban attacks during the last decade of ongoing war.

General Aminullah Patyanai, commander of KMTC talks about their plans for the upcoming season saying,” Joining new soldiers to the battle fields enhances ANA morale to fight against terrorists offensively”.

Gen. Hessari believes that ANA offensive attacks have impelled Taliban insurgent groups to initiate peace talks.

Peace-talks is a sign of our strength, ANA soldiers forced Taliban to escape the battle fields and joint the peace process, and now the government is asking them to stop brutality,” Gen. Hessari who was addressing newly graduated officers highlighted.

Afghan government is increasing the number of ANA soldiers simultaneous with the peace initiative with the Taliban militant groups in cooperation with the government of Pakistani and China; therefore, about 1,400 soldiers were graduated after a three month training period to fight against terrorists.

Newly graduated ANA officers at KMTC
Reported by: Waheed Nawisa

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