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ALP Buys Weapons Illegally from Gunrunners

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2015)


A number of Afghan Local Police (ALP) buys light and heavy weapons illegally from their own pockets, Kapisa local police members say.

650 ALPs also struggle along with Afghan National Police in Kapisa a province in northern Afghanistan to ensure the security and fight against the government insurgent groups.

Saying the government does not provide enough weapons and ammunitions therefore they are urged to buy it in personnel.

“We buy weapon, grenade and heavy weapons from our own pocket to fight with the enemies, we buy heavy weapons from Pakistani arms traffickers and light guns from the area, we buy an AK47 100,000 Afghani and a grenade launcher with an amount of 72,000 Afghani,” Qand Agha an Afghan Local Police commander said.

A provincial official said foreign insurgents including Arab, Pakistani, and Chechen threatens several areas in the province and accepts ALP challenges.

“The government must provide heavy gun to ALP,” Mir Gul a local police chief in Kapisa said.

Officials in Ministry of Interior say they provide enough equipment to local police and any gunrunning is a crime.

“We provide enough gun to our ALP, police cannot buy weapons in personnel, according to the law gun trafficking is illegal and a crime, they do not need to buy weapons,” Najibullah Danish deputy spokesperson for ministry of interior stated.

Beside Taliban militants foreign fighters also challenges Afghan local police in Kapisa.

A local residential said,” we have been forced to leave our home since eight months, our families were taken out of the area, we are asking the government to ensure the security in our area.

“We are serving the people, we will not let the enemies to burn the schools and destabilize the area,” an Afghan local police vowed.

About 30,000 ALPs were recruited by Afghan ministry of interior to stabilize Afghanistan, but people complain from local police behavior in most areas in the country.

Reported by: Abdul Aziz Karimi

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