Al-Qaeda tries to reemerge in Afghanistan: A top American senator

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2015)

US SANATOR   _26_01_2015_DARI_SOT.avi_snapshot_00.32_[2015.01.26_20.22.37]The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan will cause resurgence of Taliban and Al-Qaeda network in Afghanistan, a top American senator said.
A top American senator, Dianne Feinstein said that he does not support the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan because it leads Taliban and Al-Qaeda network to return to Afghanistan.
He noted that the Al-Qaeda network in Pakistan is trying to reemerge in Afghanistan.
“I directly say to consider the rapid withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is not beneficial for the country. The remained US troops in Afghanistan should be fully aware of the return of Taliban and Al-Qaeda.” added Feinstein.
This comes as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Barack Obama in a joint conference on Sunday urged all the countries to wipe out the terrorism havens and bring the terrorist to justice.

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