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AISA: Afghan Govt. not supported investments in past 13 years

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2015)

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Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) says that the Afghan government has not greatly supported the small and big investments in the country.

Officials in AISA noted that the new government is committed to change Afghanistan from a consuming economy to an exporting source and based on new solutions the government will support investments.

AISA pursue establishment of a long lasting and sustainable relationship between government and the private sector that will be based on trust and continuous cooperation.

The government is well prepared to cooperate with the private sector to lead the country towards self sufficiency and economic growth.

The agency believes that the country may not experience economic amelioration unless import is substituted with investment in production. Moreover, inter- private sector competition is not sufficient; the government will develop a comprehensive export strategy, offer support to investors.

“The government should support all investments in the country to strengthening them. The economic growth would be impossible till the investments not supported,” Muhammad Qurban Haqjo, chairman of AISA said.

The critical situation in the country has been a major reason for the decline in investments that has also caused afghani currency losing its price against foreign currencies and increase of poverty and unemployment.


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