AIHRC Refers Names of Seven Electoral Candidates to IECC

(Last Updated On: July 24, 2018)

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has submitted the names of seven electoral candidates who are suspected of crimes against humanity and violating the laws to the Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC).

The AIHRC officials urged IECC to seriously investigate the cases and do not allow the suspects succeed in the parliamentary elections.

IECC has registered 670 electoral complaints so far which 200 of them are crimes against humanity and violation of Afghanistan constitution.

“The decision of removing such individuals will be taken in a special commission,” Ali Reza Rohani, IECC secretary said.

The most difficult process now is the registered complaints that should be filtered by the IECC.

“There are illegal armed groups in the country that cause problems and should be filtered too,” Yousuf Rashid, CEO of the Free and fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) said.

The IECC has received complaints from 33 provinces of Afghanistan so far, except the Ghazni province.

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