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AIHRC Calls For Complete Ban Of Virginity Test In Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: October 9, 2019)

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) asked for unconditional ban of virginity tests in the country.

 In a statement released on Tuesday, AIHRC said that virginity test is a violence against humanity and an example of “torture of women.”

“In order to maintain women’s human dignity and to comply with international human rights standards that prohibit any compulsory medical examination and counts it as an example of torture, the AIHRC believes that forensic medical examinations of virginity have no medical or scientific basis to prove a crime,” read the statement.

 The Commission’s reaction comes days after announcement of a new amendment to Article 640, item 2 of Panel Code regarding “Virginity Confirmation” by Afghan Law Committee.

Based on the newly amended rule, only an authorized court can order the suspect to take a virginity test.

“In the absence of any evidence to prove the crime, a virginity examination may only be authorized by the competent court,” read the statement by the Office of Second Vice President Sarwar Danish who presides over the Afghan Law Committee.

AIHRC, though, wants a complete ban to the test, saying we will continue to protest and ask for modification of law in cooperation with other civil organization.

Virginity tests are common in Afghanistan and the tests are often done without the woman’s consent. Torture, cutting off of nose or ear, beating, divorce or even death are the consequences awaiting for a woman after a failed virginity test.

However, researchers believe that the test has no scientific basis. A woman might have lost her hymen in incidents other than sexual intercourse or in rare cases some girls are born without hymen.

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