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AICC Intends to Contribute Private Sector in Long-Term Development Program

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2017)

ICC 19-4-2017-DARI-SOT.mpg_snapshot_00.54_[2017.04.19_16.53.45]Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce (AICC) is seeking to contribute the Private Sector in long-term development program.

According to AICC officials, the long-term development program started in 2015 that Afghanistan has its membership.

AICC CEO, Qadir Bahman said, “We want to call on government to contribute to private sector that the economics of the country grows and working fields provide for the people.”

UN Development Programs officials also say all countries of the world should move forward with a coordinated plan.

Chief of UN empowerment program, Aminuddin Habibi said, “The Afghan government worked a lot for growing the economics of the country but more works need to be done in cooperation of the International Community.”

Economic analyst are said to believe that the Afghan government should first specify its economic solutions and provide fields for investment in the country.

Economic analyst, Azrakhsh Hafezi said, “At first, economic solution must be specified then in a framework the investors’ demands will be determined.”

They also said that the long-term development programs will be impossible until the reforms implemented in the country.

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