Ahmad Zia Masood joins hands with Ashraf Ghani Ahamd Zai

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2014)


Ahamd Zia Masood, former Vice President of Afghanistan has formally announced his support for Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmad Zai in the second round of the Presidential election.

Ahmad Zia Masood said Afghanistan currently needs a government that stands for progress through perseverance.

Hazrat Sebqatullah Mujaddedi, has also declared his support for Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmad Zai.

Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmad Zai considers his team to be judicious and says they would be victorious in the election.

Contenders from the first round of election, who have been silent thus far, are Abdul Rassoul Sayaf, Qutbuddin Hilal and Hedayar Amin Arsala.

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