AGT Accused Pakistan for Beefing Up Terrorist Activities in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2017)

3Hundreds of Afghanistan Green Trend (AGT) members held a demonstration in front of Pakistan Embassy in Kabul accusing Pakistan for being involved in the recent terrorist attacks carried out in Kabul, Kandahar and Helmand provinces of Afghanistan killed dozens and injured hundred others.

Calling the Pakistan Embassy as center of terrorism the demonstrators demanded the Pakistani Embassy to be shut in Kabul in protest they also raised slogans against Pakistan Army’s intelligence arm, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Angry protestors have declared Pakistan the main killer of Afghans saying Taliban are being supported by the Pakistan intelligence to blaze war in Afghanistan.

Member of the Afghanistan Green Trend Fahim Kohdamani said, “We know that Pakistan intelligence ISI is involved in recent terrorist attacks carried out in Kabul Kandahar province, Pakistan has been killing Afghans for years.”

Meanwhile Jawid the other member of the Afghanistan Green Trend said, “ Pakistan Embassy is the house terrorists in Kabul, they import suicide attackers into Kabul.”

“We demand the International community to stop Pakistan interfering into Afghanistan’s affairs.”Fazel Rahman member of the Afghanistan Green Trend said.

Kabul witnessed a bloody terrorist attack claimed by Taliban in Tuesday, killing 50 and injured more than 80 , but in the mean time a big explosion hit the provincial Governor guest house in Kandahar province killed 12 including 5 UEA diplomats and the deputy Governor.

Reported by: Fawad Nasiri

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