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AGO to Finalize Results over Violence Against Afghan Protesters ASAP

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2017)

Nearly ten days passed since the beginning of Attorney General Office (AGO)’s investigation over violence against Afghan protesters in Kabul, but the institution says the primary result has not been finalized so far and will be finished in the nearest time.

AGO says the investigation is not just for the security institutions but also for the protesters; All of those who involved in the violence will be prosecuted.

Spokesman of AGO, Jamshid Rasouli said, “our investigation is not just from the security institutions but it concludes the protesters too. The results will be finalized as soon as possible.”

A number of ‘Rastakhiz Taqir’ members say they are ready to help AGO with its process.

“We are expecting that the perpetrators of shooting over protesters should be prosecuted and we have no problem if our members also be among them,” said a member of Rastakhiz movement.

At least seven Afghans have been killed as police fired live rounds to disperse protesters seeking to march on the presidential palace and demand the government’s resignation after a devastating truck bombing.

The Wednesday’s attack in Wazir Akbar Khan area of Kabul was the deadliest in the Afghan capital since an Isis suicide bomber killed nearly 100 people at a protest last summer, and one of the largest to hit Kabul since the 2001 intervention. Most of the casualties are expected to be civilians.

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