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AGO to Appoint Over 200 Female Employees as Prosecutors

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2018)

The Attorney General office creates job opportunity for 248 women to serve as prosecutors in provincial judiciary organs.

Attorney General Mohammad Farid Hamidi said that 248 women have successfully passed a practical training program and within a month the process of hiring these female employees will be completed.

According to Hamidi, the appointees will serve as persecutors in provincial judiciary organs.

Razia Stanikzai, Deputy Director of Education at the Asia Foundation said the women’s contribution can strengthen the society.

“I hope when you start working as prosecutors in provinces, be dedicated and committed to serving well, as you have shown during the training period,” she said.

The trainees, meanwhile, said that they are committed to work for ensuring justice and implementing the rule of law in the society.

The training program was allocated for female graduates of Islamic studies and law faculties, and 248 women have been selected from a total of 3,000 applicants.  

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