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AGO Seeks 5-Years Prison Sentence for Ex-electoral Officials

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2019)

The Attorney General Office has requested a period of five years imprisonment for former senior electoral officials who were accused of misconduct and mismanagement in the October parliamentary elections.

Documents obtained by Ariana News shows that all commissioners of the electoral bodies, the chief secretariat of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the head of the IEC IT department are accused of changing the result of Badakhshan parliamentary elections.

No court has taken the responsibility of making a decision on the case yet.

Jamshid Rasooly, the AGO Spokesman on Monday said that the attorney general office will submit the case to a relevant court as soon as possible.

According to the attorney general office, the former electoral officials have announced the preliminary result of Badakhshan parliamentary election as the final result without considering the re-count of votes and audit process.

Former electoral commissioners claim that the case has a lot of legal defects; however, AGO says it was investigated impartially.

Abdul Baseer Faiz, a former member of the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) said that the preliminary result was approved after they found that the provincial electoral officials of Badakhshan have committed electoral fraud in favor of two candidates.

He added that two provincial officials were introduced to the attorney general office for further investigation after they were found guilty for document forgery.

Meanwhile, Islam Yaftali, a protesting candidate from Badakhshan province claims that former ECC members endorsed the preliminary results after he refused to pay them a bribe.

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