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AGO ‘Probing’ Allegations against Commander Qaisari

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2018)

The Defense Ministry says the Attorney General Office (AGO) is probing the allegations being referred to prominent commander of Junbish Millie Nizamuddin Qaisari.

Qaisari was arrested by the Afghan commando forces on Tuesday after his a verbal clash with the participants of a security meeting in Maimana City which resulted into armed clashes.

Earlier, the 209th Shaheen Corps had said that Qaisari was arrested and being referred to judiciary institutions after he threatened the government officials to death at the meeting.

The Attorney General Office has not commented in this regard yet. But the Defense Ministry’s Deputy Spokesman Mohammad Radmanish said: “Currently,  his [Qaisari] case being assessed at the Attorney General Office, and the allegations which were being referred to him by the military council in Faryab will be probed.”

Following the arrest of Qaisari, President Ghani stressed that he would not tolerate illegal armed individuals in the country and that he has arrested three of them during this week.

This comes as the arrest of Qaisari has followed strong reactions of the people in northern parts of the country, including Faryab, Jawzjan and Balkh provinces.

Qaisari’s supporters on Wednesday staged a protest against the arrest of their commander and even set on fire the provincial governor’s compound. They called for immediate release of the commander.

“Widespread demonstration is currently underway in north and northeastern provinces. Their red line is the respectful release of Nizamuddin Qaisari and the return of First Vice President General Abdul Rashid,” said Abdullah Qarloq, the Deputy Head of Junbish Millie party.

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