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Afghans Won’t Attend Election with Current Election System: Experts

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2015)


A number of the Election experts and members of the Wolesi Jirga in the Afghanistan Presidential Election anniversary day have said,” this day is the most defamed day in the political history of the world.”

They have believed that the outcome of the presidential Election is no completed cabinet, ongoing arguments on special Electoral reformation committee.

Afghan Nation have casted their votes for their favorite presidential candidate last year as the same day it seemed that Afghans weren’t ready to elect their president for the first round of the Presidential Election that means none of the candidates earned 50+1 votes, the Election went to its second round and into a deep phase of arguments, it made the US secretary of state to play the role of trouble shooter in between the two leaders of the National Unity Government, and it was decided that all the  votes of Afghans should be audited and reviewed once again.


Head of the Independent Election Commission IEC Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani announced that Mohammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai as the President of Afghanistan and Dr, Abdullah Abdullah as the chief of executive.


Afghan lawmaker Ramazan Bashardost has declared the presidential Election full of cheating, frauds, it’s the very first country in the world that its Nation do not understand the numbers of votes for their own president.

After all auditing process and mediation of US secretary of state John Kerry the Presidential election arguments continued, in the long run after the mediation of the Afghanistan former president Hamid Karzia and some other Jihadi leaders the National Unity Government agreement was signed, the following agreement indicated important below issues the second person in the National Unity Government will be as the chief executive, holding of the National Assembly (Loya Jirga) after two years, reformation of the Afghanistan constitution, and establishing of the electoral special committee.

The Afghanistan former president Hamid Karzai said,” Afghan Nation have been capable to establish the National Unity Government NUG.”


President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has sworn as the Afghan President on 29th of September 2014 after that the president signed the decree for appointing the chief of executive and its deputies, they have all done swearing ceremony and after some days they began to work officially.


Head of the Election Watch Afghanistan EWA Jandad Ispinghar said,” we see the outcomes of the presidential Election, its has been seven months by now the NUG cabinet doesn’t get completed, there is serious issues ongoing over the establishing of the special Electoral reformation committee, Parliament can’t decide, all Governors are working as the acting.”

Reformation of the Election system has been the important part of the political agreement made on NUG, Though the committee has been established, still existed issues in between the two leaders of the National Unity Government has caused them not be capable to begin its working.


Head of the Fair and Free Election foundation FEFA Yusuf Rashid said,” The vision of the both leaders are contrary on reformation of the Election system,both team have their own agendas but they have yet to achieve any conclusion on appointing the members of the special electoral committee.”

Afghan experts have warned if the current Election system doesn’t get reformed, Afghan Nation will not cast their votes and participate in the Election process.

Reported by Hameed Sideqee



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