Afghans Suffer from Poor Health Care Services: Senates

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2016)


Senate members at the Public welfare committee in the upper house of the parliament have expressed concerns over none standard Hospitals, misdiagnosis disease, shortages of health care centers and providing poor health care services saying all these problems threaten the life of Afghans in the country.

Meanwhile officials Minister of Public Health have confirmed the issues saying that lack of proper budgetary allocation caused that challenges to rise on health care sector.

Different challenges have caused that Afghans access poor health care services within the country.

Head of the public welfare committee in senate house Nisar Haris said,” based on the assessment launched, we found out that there are dozens of health care centers providing poor health care services this threaten the life of Afghans in the country.”

Meanwhile Second Deputy of the Senate Hasibullah Kalimzai said,” The main challenges which damages the whole system in the country is corruption, if we do not get together the problems won’t be resolved, despite of efforts made by the officials in Ministry of Public health the health issues still remain as huge challenge.”

Meanwhile President special envoy for the good governance insisted that the health care problems still threat the people’s life’s, insisted that concrete steps should be taken to resolve the health issues.

He said,” Despite of a lot changes made in other sectors, health problems remained as huge challenge where Afghans are suffering from it, there is no professional health providers staffs working in district level.”

Minister of Public health confirms health challenges, but insisting that 60 percent of Afghans access health care services throughout the country.

Minister of Public Health Feruzuddin Feruz said,” Accessing health service is the right every single Afghans, insisted that now 60 percent of Afghans can access health care services throughout the country, and soon 370 health care centers will be established in coming 6 months which will enable Afghans to access health care services.”

Poor health care services system in Afghanistan has made the Afghans to take their patients to abroad for further treatments, the distrust of the Nation undermined the health care services efforts.

Reported by Rafi Sediqee

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