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Afghans Express Optimisms on Joint Declaration

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2014)


Afghan political and civil society experts have expressed their optimisms on signing the joint declaration by the both Presidential candidates.

A number of the Afghans have declared the second visits of the secretary state of US John Kerry for ending the Presidential Election disputes in Afghanistan, They have also warned that in case the agreements do not implemented the crisis will go deeper and both Presidential candidates will be the responsible for all the issues.

Professor, Nasrullah Istanikzai has also expressed his optimism over signing the mutual agreements on improving the National Unity Government.

Head of the civil community Aziz Rafiee expressed his optimism for ending the Presidential Election disputes and demanding both contenders to fulfill and stay committed to their agreements made to end the crisis.

The agreements which were discussed were respecting the Afghanistan constitution during the political agreements, committed to 12,07,2014, establishing a chair for executive person as Prime Minister for two years, posting Afghan high ranks to the different positions

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