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Afghans Criticize Candidates ‘Unrealistic Campaign Promises’

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2019)

Afghan citizens believe that the presidential candidates are promising non-practical commitments during the campaign period in order to attract the attention of voters.

During the 60 days of campaign period, candidates traveled to provinces across the country where they held gatherings and described their programs for the future of the country.

However, residents of different provinces emphasize that the candidates are trying to deceive people by giving non-practical promises.

“They should fulfill what they promise,” said Sayed Mumtaz, a resident of Kabul.

“The candidates are giving big promises during the campaign but when they got the power they hide themselves behind T-walls,” said Anas, another resident of the capital Kabul.

Afghans prioritizes peace and stability in the country than any other challenges in the war-warring country.

“We witnessed they failed to fulfill those commitments they made in 2014 but we hope they take practical steps this time,” said Ramesh, a resident of southern Kandahar province.

“They promised to inaugurate several projects in Paktia but none of them were completed during the last five years. I hope they take practical steps not just words,” said Jamil Rahman, a resident of Paktia.

Hasibullah, a resident of Balkh province said that he will use from his only vote for a candidate who can fulfill his promises.

The Afghan presidential election is set to be held on September 28.

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