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Afghans Celebrate ‘April Fool’ by Killing too Many People

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2017)

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Too many Facebook users across Afghanistan took on their accounts to share some of the most shocking tales and news, ranging from killing high-profile officials to some of their closest friends.

It’s a way most Afghans back in the country celebrate “April fool”, the day when you tell a lie just for fun.

One Facebook user has written on his account like,” Just heard 40 of my friends passed away.”

Apart from killing their friends on social Medias, a remarkable number of Afghan internet-friendly users had fantasy trips around U.S. and Europe today. Like one user wrote on his Facebook,” trip to Berlin; Hope to make back to Afghanistan one day. Bye Kabul!”

For those who are familiar with the nature of April fool, today nothing is serious, or acceptable.

April fool, at the same time, provides a rare chance for some lovers in Afghanistan to express their feelings for their beloved ones.

Like this user who wrote,” I don’t know anything about [April] fool, but swear to God, I love you!”

For some people whom marrying or motherhood is a sweat and hard –to- gain dream, today is the opportunity to share their desires indirectly. Like this one,”Just noticed gonna be mom soon!”

But, here in Afghanistan even a boy can become a mother only in April fool day. As this face book user wrote in bold font that he is “pregnant”. But if you follow his post to the end, you can find out the April fool hash tag.

Even, Afghan net users didn’t spared president Ghani by mocking some of his public messages across the Kabul city, reading as he is “fully determined to rebuild Afghanistan by the force of its youths.”

However, it has been many years that Afghans do somehow commemorate the day by sharing funny and shocking lies, still there are some people who condemn the day as a harsh culture.

By Bais Hayat & Qiam Noori

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