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Afghans call to boycott Pakistan’s products

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2015)


A number of Afghan residents called to boycott Pakistani products by starting campaign on social media.

They said that they are ready to endured hunger but would not use Pakistani products anymore; a country which send terror and violence to Afghanistan.

After President Ghani’s press conference on Monday calling on Pakistan to end its undeclared war with Afghanistan, Afghan people take a decision to not use any of Pakistani products.

“No people have suffered more from Pakistani misadventures than the Afghans,” Muhammad Rafiq, Kabul inhabitant said.

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry considered people’s demand applicable, emphasizing they have also found alternative ways against it.

The chamber of commerce noted that Pakistan has always falsely acted against Afghanistan in commercial deals and if Pakistani products boycott, there will be no loss for Afghanistan.

The two countries must overcome years of mutual hostility, however. Many Afghans accuse Islamabad of effectively controlling the Taliban insurgency against their government and supporting the terrorist groups.

Pakistan is one of the largest trading partners of Afghanistan as it exports goods and services worth approximately $3 billion annually and is also the main conduit of imports from elsewhere through the Karachi port.


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