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Afghanistan’s sport faces serious challenges with current tensions

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2015)



More than one year passed since the separation of Afghanistan National Olympic Committee and Sport department which this separation led to the emergence of tension in Afghanistan’s sport.
Tensions between National Olympic Committee and Sport department caused Afghanistan’s sport faces serious challenges.
A number of Afghan athletes who are medalists criticized the current situation and saying they will not play for Afghanistan anymore.
The tensions also caused Afghanistan Taekwondo Federation divided to two parts and each has their own rules.
Rohullah Nikpa, the world medalist of the country and Mahmud Haidari, the Taekwondo World Champion are among the athletes who will not compete for Afghanistan anymore.
Some of other Afghan athletes accused Fahim Hashemi, head of National Olamypic Committee of supporting powerful and caused Afghanistan’s sport to be notorious.
Bashir Taraki, coach of National Taekwondo Team said, “Fahim Hashemi supported those who caused Hypothyroidism. Because of Fahim Hashemi’s interventions, Rohullah Nikpa abandoned the country. I urge president to end this situation; otherwise Afghanistan’s sport will be worse than this.”
However, Fahim Hashemi refused to respond about the issue but earlier he has said that Afghan athelets should not be affected by political issues.
This comes as Afghanistan’s sport seems to enter into a political controversy and this will be very tough for Afghanistan’s sport.
It has been said that the government has assigned the first vice president to solve the issue.
The sports in Afghanistan are managed by the Afghan Sports Federation, which promotes cricket, football, basketball,volleyball, golf, handball, boxing, taekwondo, weightlifting, bodybuilding, track and field, skating, bowling, snooker, chess, and other sports. At the moment, cricket and football are the two most popular sports in Afghanistan.

Reported by Hamid Sidiqii

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