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Afghanistan’s Revenue Hits High Record This Year: Officials

(Last Updated On: October 9, 2016)

financeAfghan government revenues has hit a high record this year, officials in the ministry of finance affairs said on Sunday.

According to the records the national revenue of this fiscal year is expected to be more than 130 billion Afghanis.

A ministry of finance spokesman who was speaking in a first press conference after the Brussels Conference noted anti-corruption efforts as the main cause for the increased revenues.

“The current year revenue is extraordinary, as it is determined by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). We should have earned 132 billion Afs in revenue and we have met this target three months in advance,” finance ministry spokesman Ajmal Habib Abdul Rahimzay said.

Officials say our outlook for the future years is to make Afghanistan self-sufficient.

The International donors have pledged $15.2bn in aid to help Afghanistan until 2020 in Brussels conference where high-ranking officials from over 70 countries were attended.

Reported by: Farahnaz Froton

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